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Pallet cushions
All of our pallet cushions are designed to enjoy every moment with maximum comfort. Durability and strength are guaranteed thanks to the top-quality fabrics, Happers filling and our functional cushion designs.
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Floor cushions
Relax anywhere with our floor cushions. They are waterproof and extra durable for indoor or outdoor use.
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Multipurpose Revolution Cushion
Designed to fit perfectly for an array of uses. Improves posture to relieve lower back pain, relaxes the neck and allows arms to rest while reading, all with an original shape and color. Sit on either side: one is very soft and the other is quite cool. The perfect accessory and gift.
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Ideas for spaces with Happers cushions

Add a special touch to your home with decorative cushions

Mix and match our wide range of colors to add the finishing touch to your home with our faux leather cushions for indoor or outdoor use, or with the remarkable feel of Aquaclean Carabú cushions. Extra comfort for your living room, bedroom, terrace or garden.Available in several SIZES and colors.
What can I use to refill a cushion?
For maximum comfort at the best price, we recommend using our filling material for your couch, bedroom or outdoor cushions in various sizes. Our filling is made of high-density hollow siliconized polyester fiber with a feather touch for maximum comfort, and it is also machine washable.
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