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Create unique spaces with outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Experience unique moments, alone or in good company, with Happers outdoor furniture. Lounge around on the Balinese bed, share a meal on the pallet couch, relax on the swing or kick back on the sunbed. Make this year unforgettable, for you and your guests. Don’t miss out!
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The most original and fun outdoor bean bag

Donut Bean Bag

Sunbathe, have fun and relax on this enormous 3D donut. A popular bean bag for pools, chill-out areas or any setting near the sea. Make the most of a donut bean bag this summer!
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Add the finishing touch to your space with decorative outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions

Check out the entire range of available colors. The perfect outdoor faux leather accessory.
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Outdoor bean bags and armchairs

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