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About us

About Happers

Enjoyment is our goal

We began selling household textiles online in 2008, and we later decided to add bean bags to our product line in 2013, focusing on a clear goal: to enjoy what we do.

This purpose, which we defined several years ago, is what drives us to work towards ensuring that people like you are able to enjoy their home on a daily basis.

In 2016, we decided to name this initiative HAPPERS. Our aim as of then has been to share our passion through everything we do, from the process of selecting, creating and manufacturing, to the buying experience. The ultimate goal is for you to also enjoy with Happers.

Our secretEnjoy every moment

Whether you are working, reading, relaxing, playing or simply thinking about life, alone or in good company. Our philosophy is to enjoy every moment, with maximum comfort. This is how we view the world, and we firmly believe that enjoying what we do is the only way to convey this feeling to others.

We hope that you also enjoy it

4-year warranty

Free shipping *

Free returns *

Made in Spain

Irresistibly resistant materials

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Happers warranty

Happers is synonymous with guaranteed strength and durability. We are so confident about this that we offer a 4-year warranty with proof of purchase. All of our products are reinforced and made with the strongest materials available for a longer service life, and guaranteed enjoyment in the home or in any work space.

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