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Ideas for spaces with bean bags

Outdoor and indoor bean bags
All of our bean bags can be used indoors, but we also sell outdoor alternatives featuring stronger fabrics for the sun and rain, making them suitable for gardens or terraces. Choose your favorite!
See outdoor bean bags

Like new with bean bag filling

Give new life to your bean bags with our top-quality filling beads, which have greater anti-clumping properties than cork granules, inviting you to experience their maximum comfort longer and restoring their original shape

How much filling does a bean bag need?

The amount of filling will depend on whether you are adding more to a bean bag that has gone flat over time or you are filling one that is completely empty. The table below lists the amount of filling needed for each bean bag,
What do you need? Restore a bean bag’s shape Fill an empty bean bag
Footstool 70 liters 150 liters
Square 70 liters 150 liters
TO-GO 70 liters 150 liters
Round 70 liters 150 liters
XL Pear-shaped 125 liters 225 liters
Children’s teardrop 70 liters 125 liters
What do you need? Restore a bean bag’s shape Fill an empty bean bag
XXL Pear-shaped 125 liters 280 liters
XXL Gamer 125 liters 350 liters
Relax 125 liters 320 liters
XL Teardrop 70 liters 190 liters
Big Bean Bag 125 liters 300 liters
Lounge 125 liters 300 liters
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